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Wedding photography Hitchin Priory

When I got asked by Alice and Aaron to do a wedding at Hitchin Priory I was really excited . It’s a venue I love. It has such beautiful grounds. It is a stunning building with some amazing features.

The day started of with a short visit to the Grooms house. We got some photos of the Groom and his men getting ready.

Then I was off to Hitchin Priory to meet Alice and her Bridal party.

Hitchin Priory has various wedding spaces in the main building and also has large marquee for weddings too.

This wedding was inside in one of its beautiful rooms. It had been decorated by Alice and Aaron. There had been a great deal of planning by the looks of it! The wedding ceremony was lovely. I had a great spot at the front of the room. It has a huge window which gave amazing light.

Then it rained!

After the ceremony we were to go outside and release some doves from the amazing Angel Wings Dove release. This would of been great if it wasn’t for the pouring rain!

It was decided it would be much better if Alice and Aaron let the doves go from under the shelter. I stood out in the rain! (The things I do for the shots!)

Then it stopped!!!

We waited for a break in the rain. At this point I took the happy couple of for some photos around the grounds. We got so many done in a short time because we had already had a site visit together. This gave us a rough idea of what we wanted and where we were going.

Then it was time for the Cake Cut and First Dance.

The Music and stunning lighting was supplied by Disco-Nyts. I have worked with these guys many times. They always impress me with their music choice and the lighting effects. I know the sparkly flashing dance floor will always be packed!

Time for a few more photos!

Then as it got dark I took the happy couple back outside.  With some off camera flashes and made some nice dramatic shots for their album.

Here are a few shots from the day.

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